Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt has yet to comment on the recent arrest of senior running back Tim Jordan.

Eventually, however, Pruitt will break his silence on Jordan. For now, it appears that Pruitt and Tennessee are gathering all the facts before rushing into any sort of decision.

Which is certainly wise.

It’s unclear what will happen with Jordan at this point. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t on Tennessee’s roster in the fall.

And not just because of the arrest.

Jordan is a talented running back. He’s hard runner who can be incredibly tough to tackle.

The Florida native has rushed for 1,002 yards on 247 carries during his three years at Tennessee (4.1 yards per carry).

In the 2018 season opener against West Virginia, Jordan rushed for 118 yads and a touchdown. Against Alabama last season, Jordan rushed for 94 yards on 17 carries (5.5 yards per carry). It’s obvious he has the talent to succeed in the SEC.

Tennessee Vols

But heading into the 2020 season, it looks like Jordan is set to be the third running back on UT’s depth chart. Senior Ty Chandler and sophomore Eric Gray (who finished the 2019 season on a hot streak) are expected to be the Vols’ top two running back options this upcoming season.

Leaving Tennessee wouldn’t be a bad business decision for Jordan — independent of the arrest. He could go somewhere else with a less crowded depth chart and shine.

The arrest simply brings a bit more attention to Jordan’s roster spot.

If Tim Jordan leaves, it could mean a big opportunity for a true freshman

If Jordan ends up moving on from the Vols, it could mean a big opportunity for one of Tennessee’s 2020 signees.

Four-star signee Len’Neth Whitehead would be the perfect complement to Chandler and Gray.

Whitehead, who was rated as the nation’s 10 inside linebacker by 247Sports, signed with the Vols in part due to Pruitt’s willingness to play him at running back.

The Georgia native told VolQuest earlier this year that he has no desire to play linebacker and Tennessee was just fine with that decision.

“I’m closed in at running back and have no desire to play linebacker. Tennessee’s coaches were fine with that,” said Whitehead.

While Chandler and Gray are homerun hitters at running back, Whitehead is more of a bruiser.

At 6-foot-2/230 lbs, Whitehead can be the go-to guy for the Vols in short-yardage situations.

And if Jordan isn’t in the picture, it will instantly make Whitehead the top option for those short-yardage situations.

In most instances, a true freshman’s ability to contribute has a lot to do with the depth chart situation.

It just so happens that Whitehead may end up having a perfect situation on Rocky Top to contribute in a big way in 2020.

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