The Tennessee Titans’ running back duo of Derrick Henry and free agent addition Dion Lewis bring two totally different playing styles to Nashville.

Henry is a ground ‘n pound, between the tackles runner, while Lewis is a shifty running back who is adept at making defenders miss.

Tennessee Titans

In a sport that has its fair share of clichés, Henry and Lewis would be nicknamed “Thunder and Lightning” because of their stark contrast in playing style.

But clichés are boring.

Fortunately, there’s a Titans fan who has the perfect nickname suggestion for Tennessee’s rushing duo.

In Jim Wyatt’s latest weekly mailbag for Titans Online, a reader suggested Henry and Lewis should be nicknamed “Nuke and Juke”.

I absolutely love it. Mostly because it’s original, but also because it’s appropriate.

There aren’t many linebackers/safeties that are going to take down Henry, all 240 plus pounds of him, on first contact. He definitely has the ability to “nuke” a defense.

As for Lewis, well we saw in New England what he’s capable of doing.

Yeah, I’d say he’s more than worthy of the “juke” portion of the nickname.

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