This week, Dick Vitale proved how oblivious he is about Tennessee basketball. For those who can’t stand him this will just add fuel to the fire and for his fans, they will continue to defend him at every turn. I don’t know how you can logically defend this mistake though.

As reported by Gary Parrish of CBS Sports, Dick Vitale moved Tennessee from unranked to ranked No. 22 on this week’s ballot. Seems reasonable right?

Vitale, also made a move that raised some eyebrows though. He boosted Washington all the way up from No. 20 to No. 14 just a day after Tennessee beat Washington by 13 points on a neutral floor game.

Not only did Tennessee beat Washington, but the Vols controlled the lead all the way from three minutes into the game to the final buzzer. It wasn’t a blowout by any stretch of the imagination, but the Vols were better in every aspect of the game and proved to simply be a better team than Washington.

Washington didn’t have a great win to begin the week either. In their Tuesday game, the Huskies defeated Mount Saint Mary’s 56-46 in a game where Washington was a 23-point favorite.

To make matters worse, Tennessee is now ranked 17that KenPom while Washington now sits at 53rd.

As also reported by Parrish, Dick Vitale was not the only voter to put Washington above Tennessee. Stephen Means of left Washington ranked while leaving Tennessee out altogether.

At the end of the day, it all just doesn’t make any sense.