Derrick Henry hopes to play for the Tennessee Titans next season.

But he also hopes to land a contract worth — at the very least — as much as Ezekiel Elliott’s recent record breaking extension.

Henry told Rich Eisen on Friday that Elliott’s contract is the “floor”.

Elliott signed a six year extension worth $90 million in 2019 ($50 million in guaranteed money).

I’m not sure I see the Titans handing Henry that kind of contract.

The former Alabama running back just turned 26 in January. Paying a 30-31 year old running back, who is likely to accumulate a LOT of carries over the next several years, around $15 million a year at the tail end of a six year contract doesn’t seem like something the Titans are likely to do.

Especially when Henry doesn’t provide the value in the passing game that Elliott does.

Now, I think Henry is a tremendous talent. And I think the Titans should try to work out a deal with him. But if he’s looking for Zeke money, he might have a hard time finding it in Nashville.

If Henry stands firm on that number (which, again, is the minimum he’s looking for), then Tennessee might not have a choice but to place the franchise tag on him.

That’s not the ideal outcome. But the Titans can’t break the bank for a running back — especially when their quarterback situation is unsettled.

Maybe Henry will move off that number a bit and the Titans will be able to work something out.

But after the season Henry had, I wouldn’t expect him to budge too much.

And I can’t say that I blame him. He’s only going to hit free agency in his prime once, he might as well try to maximize his earnings while he can.

Featured image via Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports
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