DeMarco Murray

The Tennessee Titans (3-4) have had a chance to win every game this season. They’ve been within one score, in the fourth quarter, of every game this season. But, four out of seven times, the Titans have lost those games.

QB Marcus Mariota knows his team is close. He said so Tuesday. Fans are sick of hearing that statement. Titans running back DeMarco Murray took that sentiment a little further than his QB.

DeMarco Murray:

Are the Titans a “really good football team”? I’m not saying that. However, I do know that Murray is correct when saying this team isn’t getting frustrated with the close losses. Sunday after the 10th straight loss to the Colts, this team was pissed off in the locker room. I remember thinking, “Good, they’re mad. They should’ve won.”

Another question, is this Titans team close to breaking through? Yeah, I think they’re approaching a point when the light bulb will come on to take this season in the right direction. The team isn’t frustrated with themselves. They’re a close group of guys. The locker room has a good vibe. Their frustrations are pointed in the same direction: wanting to fix the issues.

The Titans need a light bulb to come on Thursday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This has turned into a must win. Every divisional game has turned into a must win, if the playoffs want to be reached.

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