When former Tennessee Vols running backs coach David Johnson left for Florida State in January, it appeared to be a tough decision for the New Orleans native.

The report that Johnson had an offer from Florida State lingered for a couple of days before he was officially named the Seminoles’ new running backs coach.

In an exit interview with The Athletic, Johnson said the decision was tough. He also praised Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt multiple times, even saying he felt like Tennessee would be in the college football playoff within the next five years.

From The Athletic: 

He’s a football genius, and not necessarily just on the defensive side of the ball. I know that’s his side, but he understands the game, the total game. For him, it’s about the process. It’s not so much about wins and losses, it’s about the kids learning how to play and what to do.

It seems like Johnson thought a lot of Pruitt and Tennessee.

Which makes comments he made at a recent Florida State event quite confusing.

Johnson, at what appears to be a recruiting event, alluded to “not trusting” what was going on at Tennessee.

I mean, sometimes coaches go out of their way to fire up a crowd at events — especially if boosters are present.

But this seems like an odd choice of words from Johnson. And it doesn’t line up at all with what he told The Athletic in January.

The Vols upgraded by hiring Jay Graham. Fans should be happy with the outcome of recent staff changes. But I think it’s safe to say that Johnson burned his bridge with Pruitt and Tennessee.

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