It’s Tennessee-Georgia week, which means another show down between head coaches Butch Jones and Kirby Smart.

It’s a massive game for Jones as the Tennessee fan faithful are growing tired of underwhelming performances and coaching mistakes. For Smart, it’s an opportunity to get to 5-0 and become a bonafide Top 10 team in the country.

So, how should we preview this matchup? By putting the two coaches in character for a head to head WWE Wrestling Simulation on the video game WWE 2k!

Props to VFL Insider columnist Andrew Darago.

DISCLAIMER: Andrew Darago has zero control over the outcome of this match. It’s set up as computer vs computer.

Butch Jones vs Kirby Smart – WWE 2k

Next week’s showdown will feature Butch Jones between South Carolina Head Coach Will Muschamp… unless something goes horribly wrong for Tennessee against Georgia this weekend.

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