Butch Jones Constanza

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones took the podium Wednesday afternoon to tout his 5th recruiting class for the Vols.

Of course, on National Signing Day, every head coach around the country will say how good and impressed they are with their new class. But, Butch Jones took it to another level.

Jones is on his way of putting together his lowest ranked recruiting class since taking over the Vols in December, 2012. Yet, he still managed to give fans headaches with comments like this:

The quote of Jones saying Tennessee turned away talent this year was prompted by a question asking why (and/or how) top in-state prospects left the state. Jones then went into a spiel about how each recruiting year is different and team needs change each year. Which is true.

Jones said the goal was to sign three linebackers, which Tennessee did. However, all three of those linebackers was ranked below Nashville product Jacob Phillips. Phillips signed with LSU on Wednesday and is considered by 247 Sports to be the best inside linebacker in the country. In experts’ opinion, Jones turned away talent that was better than the players they brought in.

He didn’t stop there. Jones went on to brag about how well received he and his Tennessee coaches were when they visited high schools of prospects.

“Every high school I went into, whatever state it was, whether it was the principal, the high school football coach, the athletic director coming out and saying ‘wow… Tennessee’s back’.”

“I think a lot of that had to do with being on CBS four straight weeks, the national attention we gained, back to back 9-win seasons, three bowl championships in a row.”

These are real, actual quotes by Tennessee coach Butch Jones.

So, how exactly is Jones channeling his inner George Constanza?