Butch Jones has been out as Tennessee’s Football coach for just over 24 hours and more and more stories continue to surface about how he handled players during his tenure.

Former Vol, now radio host Jayson Swain tweeted some harsh opinions about Butch Jones’ character on Sunday and that was only the beginning.

Then, former Vols running back Marlin Lane can be heard on a podcast out of Virginia talking about what it was like to play under Jones.

“I had fun my first two years at UT, but then he came in…” is one of the  lighter comments from Lane.

You can hear Marlin Lane’s thoughts on Jones here, starting at the 10:40 mark:

Lane had his struggles off the field at Tennessee as he was suspended for the majority of the offseason entering 2013, his junior season. The suspension was only explained as “disciplinary reasons.” The Tennessean reported in 2014 that Lane was actually suspended due to sexual assault allegations.

Athletic Director John Currie fired Jones Sunday following a 50-17 loss at Missouri. Jones was 34-27 overall in just under five seasons at Tennessee.

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