If the Tennessee Vols are going to be an elite college football program, the school has to make sure to give head coach Jeremy Pruitt everything (within reason) that he asks for.

So far during Pruitt’s first ten months in Knoxville, he’s received everything he’s needed.

That’s not always the case in college football.

If anyone knows about a school not giving a program what it needs to be successful, it’s Jeremy Pruitt. He’s been on both sides. Pruitt saw a program at Alabama that received everything it needed to be a dominant team. He also publicly argued with the administration at Georgia, while he was the defensive coordinator, about an indoor practice facility.

When a program isn’t getting what it needs, Pruitt doesn’t hesitate to speak up.

So this isn’t just lip service from Pruitt when he says that he’s getting everything he needs at Tennessee.

And honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Over the last decade, the leadership at UT didn’t always give the football program what it needed to be successful. You can thank former athletic directors Mike Hamilton and Dave Hart for that.

John Currie, to his credit, tried, but a disastrous coaching search ended his tenure at Tennessee before he could make a positive lasting impact as an athletic director

There’s no one, however, more committed to giving Vol football what it needs to be successful than Phillip Fulmer.

The fact that a first year head coach is receiving everything he needs to be a dominant football program shows that Tennessee has a renewed commitment to being great. And that’s mostly because Fulmer is the athletic director now.

It’s going to take a while for all of the investments into UT football to pay off, but I promise this isn’t a pyramid scheme any longer.

The investments, finally, are going to pay off for Tennessee.

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