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For years, the AFC South had been an NFL punching bag rightfully labeled the league’s weakest division.

Last season, that tune changed.

The AFC South experienced its whackiest season yet in 2017, seeing the Jacksonville Jaguars win the division and come one win away from the Super Bowl, while the Tennessee Titans also managed to win a playoff game.

It’s a division on the rise, and that’s due to an assortment of young talent mixed with established veterans, as well as the 2017 NFL season making sure most elite players suffered some form of season-ending injury.

So without further ado, here are the top 50 players in what could be the league’s most unpredictable division heading into 2018.


  1. The rankings are based mostly on 2018 projection. Production during the 2017 season does matter, but it didn’t hold a gun to my head. And yes, rookies are allowed.
  2. Value of position wasn’t a huge factor (i.e. a wide receiver can be ranked ahead of a quarterback).
  3. Injuries were taken into account, but didn’t prevent players from appearing high on the list.
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