The University of Tennessee shocked everyone on Wednesday afternoon by removing Beverly Davenport from her position as chancellor.

Davenport, who started her tenure as UT’s chancellor on February 15, 2017, will reportedly serve as a member of the faculty in the College of Communication and Information. She will earn 75 percent of her previous salary (which will be $438,750 annually).

A letter from UT president Joe DiPietro was released that outlined the seven reasons Davenport was demoted.

Check it out:

The irony here is that DiPietro basically says Davenport was demoted because she was an incredibly poor communicator.

But Tennessee is still going to pay her nearly $500k a year to teach communications.

That makes zero sense, but most of the things that happen at Tennessee don’t make a lot of sense.

There’s truly never a dull moment in Knoxville.

Featured image via University of Tennessee 

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