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The last decade was full of plenty ups-and-downs for the Tennessee Vols (mostly downs).

Multiple coaching searches, drama with coaching staff/players, and various off-the-field issues garnered most of the UT related headlines over the last 10 years.

Of course, Tennessee still played football (that tends to get overlooked). And the Vols participated in some games that were just….weird. Games that didn’t feel like a typical Tennessee football game.

These are the five weirdest games of the last 10 years (in no particular order), starting with a game that UT fans would likely prefer to wash away from their memory.

Tennessee Vols

LSU 30 Tennessee 10 — November 18, 2017

The 2017 Vols are most remembered for the widely publicized coaching search that took place in late November/early December.

But if there’s a game from that season that sticks out to UT fans, it’s likely the matchup against LSU.

This was Brady Hoke’s first game as the Vols’ interim head coach after Butch Jones was fired. And oh man was it’s a game that Tennessee fans would love to forget.

First off, it was an ugly final score that didn’t go in the Vols’ favor. But that score wasn’t nearly as ugly as the scene at Neyland to start the third quarter.

For some reason, Hoke thought it was a good idea to not delay the start of the second half. The Vols received the kickoff from LSU in conditions that could be described best as “near-zero visibility”.

It literally was coming so hard, I couldn’t see guys on the field,” said Hoke after the game.

Fortunately for Tennessee, the Hoke era on Rocky Top didn’t last long.

Image via AP

The early Butch Jones era ——->>>>

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