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The Tennessee Titans have a new coaching staff in place for the 2018 season, but that doesn’t mean expectations will be dialed back.

Tennessee is still a team that’s coming off a playoff win this past season. And they’ve improved their roster this off-season, which means they’ll be expected to take a step forward in 2018 — even if they do have a first time head coach in Mike Vrabel.

Part of taking a step forward, however, will be getting the most out of key players on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. It’s not just keeping these players healthy that will be important, the Titans must get inspired performances next season from some of their big off-season acquisitions, as well as some of the young players already on the roster.

Here are the five players that I think will be the most vital to the Titans’ success in 2018.

5 players most vital to Titans’ success —>>>

Featured image via The Tennessean/Twitter

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