What a crazy series of events the Tennessee Volunteers’ football program has gone through in the last 48 hours. Every team has highs and lows in the course of a season, but it seems like the Vols are at an all-time low right now.

In the same year Tennessee ends its streak against Florida, it loses to a two score underdog in South Carolina, and now Jalen Hurd has decided to transfer.


Here are 3 Reasons: Why Jalen Hurd is transferring

Butch Jones

It starts and ends with your head coach. When the CEO of a good company has a problem with one of their top sales people, usually it’s handled in a manner that is not detrimental to the organization. This situation has been a dumpster fire and will have a major impact on the Tennessee football program moving forward.

Butch Jones and Jalen Hurd’s relationship has been well documented as futile, and sources have said that Hurd wanted to be used in more of a traditional, i-formation offense. Butch, though, says otherwise.

Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of Butch Jones show that he wasn’t going to appease Hurd’s request.

I stand by my tweet and think this falls on the head coach.

Josh Dobbs & Alvin Karama

Jones chose Dobbs over Hurd (Photo/ Decatur Daily)
Jones chose Dobbs over Hurd (Photo/ Decatur Daily)

Believe it or not, Dobbs had a hand in why Hurd ultimately decided to transfer away from Tennessee. Dobbs plays the most important position on the field, and his abilities don’t translate to a traditional style offense. Dobbs needs to rely on the deception of the read-option to move the football.

Dobbs can’t make all of the throws, so I believe Butch Jones thought since his quarterback didn’t have the ability to help his offense through the air, the offense had to help Dobbs more so than Jalen Hurd.

I don’t think that this Tennessee football team is where they are today without Josh Dobbs. He has made plays to win games, but at the same time, he’s also turned the ball over at inopportune times to cost the Vols.

The backup, Alvin Kamara, is truly the type of running back that works in Butch Jones and Mike DeBord’s offense. Against Texas A&M, Kamara showed the nation that speed is needed for success within Tennessee’s scheme. Even with Kamara injured, the time he had on the field, I believe, showed Hurd that he wasn’t needed.

Once Hurd realized that there was a better alternative in the back field, he checked out.


When someone quits, it tells you a little bit about that person. Whether it’s in the middle of a video game or on a team that needs you, Jalen Hurd is selfish for doing what he did in the middle of the season.

Hurd is all about himself. #1 (Photo/Twitter)
Hurd is all about himself. #1 (Photo/@SamiKincaidWRCB)

At every point in a person’s life, there will be unhappy times. But what defines you as a person is how you get through those times. Statistically, the Vols are not completely out of the SEC East race. The fact that Hurd is going to walk away from a chance to help his team achieve a goal that was set when he was recruited, shows that he’s all about himself.

College football is a team sport that is being played in a ‘me’ society. Hurd was a generational talent coming out of Middle Tennessee and pledged that he was a VFL. Turned out, he wasn’t.

I’m not sure how Jalen Hurd’s career will turn out. He may go on, get drafted, make a bunch of money and have a great NFL career. But, I do know that when things get tough, he’ll put himself in front of his teammates and that not a trait that can be respected.

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