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While we have no clue what the Tennessee Vols will accomplish in 2018, we do know the general consensus among fans and analysts seems to be that reaching a bowl game is essential next season.

But Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt will be judged on way more than whether or not Tennessee earns a bowl bid next season.

Pruitt will be judged on how his team plays against some of the SEC’s top competition. He’ll be judged on whether or not his team overachieves.

Because make no mistake — if there’s one way for a head coach to to prove he has what it takes to be special, it’s by overachieving in his first season.

Pruitt, however, will also be judged on how his team does in the “easy” conference games. You know, the games Tennessee is traditionally suppose to win.

Here are three games that I think will ultimately define Tennessee’s 2018 season.

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