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Butch Jones is finally no longer the head football coach at the University of Tennessee. Athletic Director John Currie made the decision Sunday after an atrocious performance against Missouri, falling 50-17.

The Tennessee fan base is starving for a winning football program and I believe John Currie is going to target someone with moxie who demands respect. But it’s not going to be easy. The cupboard isn’t completely bare but Butch Jones is leaving the University with a 4-6 record this season and was 14-24 overall record against SEC opponents.

It’s not as bad as when Dooley was relived of his duties in 2012 but I believe there are things holding up a top notch coach from wanting to be the next head coach of the Vols. First, I think Florida is a better job. They’ll get the pick of the litter when it comes to coaches. The pressure the Tennessee boosters, fan base and SEC brings is another factor to scare off potential big name candidates. Even though Auburn beat the brakes off of Georgia, Kirby Smart has the Bulldogs in a good place moving forward. And finally, you hope that is doesn’t end up similar to 2012 when Tennessee was turned down by Larry Fedora, Mike Gundy, Charlie Strong and Jon Gruden before settling on Butch Jones.

If the Vols can land the first two coaches on this list, fans will be ecstatic. After that, I think some disappointment sets in. But I think these are realistic possibilities for the next head coach of the University of Tennessee.

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  1. You have referred to Florida and LSU being the better job than Tennessee, which tells me you don’t know SEC history. The two biggest programs are Bama and Tenn and it’s not even close. Throw into that the facilities that Florida cannot match and the money, the only thing that favors Florida is the hot-bed of recruiting, but even Butch was able to out recruit them since UT recruits nationally. The biggest disadvantage of a coach considering Florida is that they have even more pressure to produce quickly because Florida’s AD has been quicker to fire.


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